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They send for a cask of Arbor gold, to toast good King Joffrey and his wise and benevolent Hand. At that Cersei lost patience. “It’s swords Joff needs, not toasts,” she snapped. “His realm is still plagued with would-be usurpers and self-styled kings.”

“But not for long, I think,” said Varys unctuously.

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LomoAmigo Interview: Alexis Coram

Alexis Coram is an English landscape photographer who currently lives in San Francisco. She is a spontaneous and adventurous photographer who has captured the moments of her road trips across the continent this past year.


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Awesome Albums: Fog #2 by novakmisi

Today’s featured awesome album shows a mix of misty landscapes, a fog of crazy colors, and peppery texture that can only come from distressed film.


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Home of the Day by bonifacy_bonifacy

His LomoHome filled with dazzling double exposures sure speaks how ready he is for more film swaps and doubles! Congratulations bonifacy_bonifacy from Saint - Petersburg, Russian Federation for having our Home of the Day!

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